ACS Training Videos and Information Handouts

In our efforts to support our clients, the Augmentative Communication Service (ACS) is offering the following training videos below. These videos will help support the use of the prescribed aided communication system,  i.e. Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) and Proloquo2go.  If you have any further questions, comments or are having trouble accessing the videos, please contact the ACS team at 519-542-3471 ext 220.

Training Videos:

Equipment Introduction and Core Words

Introduction to the PODD

Frequently Asked Questions

Core Words

Core Words Example Phrases

I have Something to Say

I Don't Like This

I Don't Like This Example Phrases

I Like This

I Like This Example Phrases

I Want, Let's Go and Do Something Links

I Want Example Phrases

Let's Go Example Phrases

Do Something Example Phrases

Question Messages

Question Example Phrases

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